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Czech Republic

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ING Bank assists promising Dutch companies in expansion

ING Bank and Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands assist promising Dutch companies in international expansion including FleetShield which is now entering the Czech market

ING is a partner of the competition The Orange Trade Mission Fund (OTMF), which is organized every year by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with other entities. The OTMF project aims to aid the international expansion of ten selected small and middle-sized enterprises. Last year’s winners include FleetShield, a company with an ambitious business plan for the Czech market.  On 11 June, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands organized a seminar where FleetShield, a manufacturer of large-format high-performance easy-to-maintain foils and coatings, introduced its products to potential partners, including public transport companies.

“Penetrating foreign markets is not easy for small and middle-sized companies. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to aid promising and successful Dutch companies that wish to pursue international expansion. We trust that our help will facilitate FleetShield’s first steps and create conditions for its future success in the Czech market,” says His Excellency Ed Hoeks, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands to the Czech Republic.

“ING Bank is happy to take an active role in introducing FleetShield to the Czech market. We have helped demonstrate how the product works on one bus of the ČSAD fleet, and assisted with the organization of a special seminar for business partners,” says Jan Bartholomeus, CEO ING Bank in the Czech Republic, adding: “FleetShield has been active in the Dutch market for more than ten years, and with its innovative approach and unique products, it has a great chance to appeal to Czech companies.”

FleetShield was established in the Netherlands in 2001. It offers fast and professional solutions for the protection and improvement of various surface materials without affecting the environment. Its products have won many awards, including the anti-graffiti foils used by railway and other public transport companies. In its 10 years of existence, it has developed a variety of foils and coatings for the protection or improvement of indoor as well as outdoor surfaces, and it owns exclusive rights to selected foils with unique properties.