Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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Transportation financing

Whether it is for new ships, trains, or boxes for container lessors, the ability to raise funds to acquire new fixed assets is one of the key developments for the transportation sector. ING Wholesale Banking (WB)'s expertise in all facets of transportation finance, combined with our advice and financial product offering, will set your company on the right track.

The ING WB transportation finance team is subdivided into three areas of expertise: shipping, containers, and rail.

ING WB is one of the leading ship finance banks in the market, with 20 ship finance professionals operating from dedicated teams in London, Amsterdam and Singapore. We have an excellent track record providing structured financing solutions to companies involved in transportation by sea.

The container industry is a global industry and our team, operating out of ING’s Amsterdam and Singapore offices, consists of professionals with in-depth knowledge of intermodal equipment, such as container chassis. We focus on high-quality clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our rail team has many years of experience providing big railroads, as well as small local short-lines in the US, with the required financing for rail equipment such as freight cars and locomotives. In Europe, we are looking to expand into other focus areas, such as passenger trains and light rail. We also recognise the current bottlenecks in the European rail market and are always searching for innovative solutions.

Your company could reap the rewards of our experience in the transportation finance industry. We welcome the opportunity to help your business achieve its goals. So, please contact us and see what we can do for you.

  • Three areas of expertise: shipping, containers, and rail
  • One of the leading ship finance banks
  • In-depth knowledge of intermodal equipment
  • Highly experienced from big railroads to local short-lines

Success story

Some business opportunities are simply 1st class

ING supported Ceske Drahy with a EUR 300m Eurobond to continue to invest in new trains and materials so that travel times between cities in the Czech Republic can be significantly reduced.

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