Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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Credit risk (derivative)

Corporations with exposures to trading partners in emerging markets have a significant degree of credit and sovereign risk exposure. Corporations with affiliates or subsidiaries in emerging markets also need to manage their funding profile in hard and local currency, often with tax and local regulatory constraints.

ING Wholesale Banking (WB) provides hedging products and funding solutions for corporations looking to manage credit and fund risks in both developed and emerging markets. The Structuring & Credit Trading Team provides global coverage with hubs in London, New York and Singapore, as well as access to expertise in many local offices in developed and emerging markets.

Potential solutions include:

  • Providing underwriting capacity to corporates in emerging markets with the aim of providing quick and meaningful bilateral funding at market rates. (We can deal with private or public companies, and having a rating is not a necessity)
  • Intercompany financing solutions for corporations with subsidiaries in emerging markets
  • Hedging of corporate credit risk to emerging market counterparties
  • Structured interest rate and FX derivatives with credit knockout features

This is just a brief selection of the solutions we provide. Please contact us if you would like further information or would like us to address any issues specific to your firm.

  • Hedging products and funding solutions for both developed and emerging markets
  • Structuring and credit trading teams in London, New York and Singapore
  • Global knowledge, local expertise

Success story

Some business opportunities are simply 1st class

ING supported Ceske Drahy with a EUR 300m Eurobond to continue to invest in new trains and materials so that travel times between cities in the Czech Republic can be significantly reduced.

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