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Czech Republic

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Excess cash

When your company has excess liquidity, and is interested in investing this liquidity in the short or medium future, ING Wholesale Banking (WB) can assist you with its offering of various investment products. The regulatory environment in which companies and banks are operating in is constantly changing. In order to adapt to these changes, ING WB has developed tailor-made investment solutions with the purpose of fitting the regulatory requirements of both the customer base and the bank. This has resulted in various products with different characteristics to enable you to invest this liquidity in your preferred manner at a competitive return.

ING WB can facilitate short-term investments through deposits and lightly structured deposits. These products have different characteristics with regards to tenor, return, liquidity, and flexibility. Below you will find the various options and their characteristics:


ING WB can also facilitate short and medium-term investments through various products in security form. The big advantage of these products is that it is easier to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in multiple credits, and the tradability of securities provides liquidity if needed.

The award winning ING Euro Commercial Paper (ECP) desk can assist you in investing your excess liquidity in the various ING Bank NV issuance programmes, but also in a very wide range of other issuers ranging from government entities, to corporates to other financials. The ING ECP desk is an appointed dealer on over 220 certificate of deposit and commercial paper programmes.

Most ING Bank, or third party, securities can be issued in various formats and with tailor-made features such as:

  • Certificates of deposit, commercial papers or EMTN format
  • Fixed or floating rates
  • Callability or puttability features
  • Various currencies and tenors

In case you have access to a Bloomberg terminal, you can find the ECP desk prices on ECPX or IBCP1. 

So, whatever your investment goals may be, please get in touch and let us assist you in making the right decision with your excess liquidity.

  • Short and medium-term solutions for excess liquidity
  • Investment solutions that fit regulatory requirements of both customer base and the bank
  • Short-term investment solutions through deposits, lightly structured deposits and securities
  • Award winning ING Euro Commercial Paper desk

Success story

Some business opportunities are simply 1st class

ING supported Ceske Drahy with a EUR 300m Eurobond to continue to invest in new trains and materials so that travel times between cities in the Czech Republic can be significantly reduced.

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