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Inflation (derivative)

Corporates that have some, or their entire, income or costs linked to inflation, such as a number of regulated industries or real estate companies, can be exposed to inflation rate movements and the impact can potentially be large.

The corporate risk solution specialists of ING Wholesale Banking (WB) can assist you in analysing your company’s inflation exposure. These analyses are made with the use of several models, using your company’s cash flows exposed to inflation risk as input, as well as market data. Based on the outcome of this analysis, various hedging strategies can be addressed.

This could be done by means of several financial instruments, like inflation-linked derivatives, which are commonly used in asset and liability management. ING offers a wide range of these inflation-linked instruments, so get in touch with our team and let us help hedge your inflation risk.

  • Reduce inflation related risk
  • Specialist teams worldwide
  • Hedging strategies tailored to your business needs
  • Wide range of inflation-linked instruments 

Success story

Some business opportunities are simply 1st class

ING supported Ceske Drahy with a EUR 300m Eurobond to continue to invest in new trains and materials so that travel times between cities in the Czech Republic can be significantly reduced.

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